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I was so moved recently by the extraordinary talent of Art Writer Kate Reeve-Edwards not only because she so insightfully reaches into the very truth at the heart of an artist but then reflects it back in the most stunningly gracious and beautifully written way. Of course as an artist it is not always easy to express and explain the depth of meaning behind your own work but like a breath of fresh air she managed this with phenomenal clarity for me. Subscribe to her newsletter and find out more @culturalcapitalarts .

Indian ink sketches in the studio

The alchemist in me delights in the unknown and the undiscovered and beneath the concept of my practice lies a deep curiosity and searching for the next delightful alchemical discovery be it with water, fire, earth or air.

I use all of these elements in my practice from throwing clay on my wheel to the firing and cooling cycles of the kiln. I am fascinated by wet in wet techniques and effects of painted layers, one over another, each time hoping to delight in a new found surface, a new outcome, a new conclusion.

The possibilities are endless as are the discoveries within the 'self' when submerged in a creative process something unconscious can become conscious before our eyes and deeper 'knowing' occurs - art in many ways is a mirror.



Cornwall, UK


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